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You kids are pretty cool.

Well, I finally got one of these things.  And I feel like a doofus for waiting so long!  It’s so easy and pretty and fun and easy.  Also, easy.  I’ve had a website for a while but only updated the dang thing every winter solstice or so because it was so annoying and I didn’t know how to change the layout since I paid someone else to do the interface.  It’s pretty amazing that a service like this makes communication so easy that, well, even I can do it.  It also makes me feel really old.  I’ll admit that when Tumblr first became popular, I had a scornful, knee-jerk “those dang kids and their internets!” reaction.  Then I started poking around fan blogs.  Then I spent three or four sleepless nights poring over Jareth & Sarah photos. And have spent many nights since rediscovering pop culture obsessions that I’d long set aside and which I didn’t even know had other fans as I grew up.  This thing is pretty cool, and you kids are pretty cool, and I’m glad to finally be here so I can start reblogging all my favorite pokemon fanart.  And occasionally posting some art of my own!  

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